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Paradise Orchid Labs

If you are looking for unique Cattleya & Dendrobium Orchids for your Collection then you have come to the right place. Paradise Orchid Laboratories supplies unique orchids throughout Australia and Worldwide.

We provide a large range of:

• Exhibition Cattleya Flasks
• Blc Cattleya Splash Petals
• Paphs
• Novelty Cattleyas
• Miniature Cattleyas in Pot,-Blc, SlLc, Ctna, -Otaara, Stlma
• C Dendrobium Softcane Flasks
• Varicom type Oncidium Flasks

At times there will be compots of all genera that we supply.

The Orchid seedlings and clones from Paradise Orchid Labs are specialised orchid produced by Les Napper. If you are looking for Divisions of individual orchids, unique orchid flasks commercial 30 + plants and hobby flasks 15+ plants.

Every species of orchids has a full gallery of our orchids.

Quality Cattleyas / Dendrobium Orchid Showcase

This is some of our quality breeding line, just a few to give you an idea. We will continue to add all of our collection over time. From time to time, we have flowering size divisions of out top show and stud plants available.

We pride ourselves on the quality of ALL of our plants and flasks. As experienced orchid growers and regular show competitors, we will not be selling anything we would not recommend or show ourselves.

Cattaleya Divisions
These divisions will be available from time to time. Some are awarded in Australia for HCC & AM, others are of the same quality in all colours – greens, yellows, art shades, pinks, purples and reds. All these divisions are not mericlones. All are selected flowered seedlings.

Search through our web site by
1. Choosing a category from the left menu and check out our galleries of orchids

2. Drop us a line: Les Napper – Paradise Orchid Labs PO BOX 7638 Urangan Qld Australia 4655 or send us a message through our contact page.

REMEMBER: We are only an email or phone call away and we are keen to provide a good reliable service to fellow orchid growers at sensible prices